80g Number One brand 100% pure wood pulp A4 paper a package

80g Number One brand 100% pure wood pulp A4 paper a package enjoy the wholesale price. 
Number One Copy Paper A4 80g 5 Packaging outstanding: 
1, Tada has tested 100 kinds of paper types, in order to ensure smooth paper printing, the color is good, the quality of protection. 
2, NO.1 paper with a variety of printers tested to ensure smooth brand printers can print. 
3, NO.1 paper using the world's leading technology paper machine equipment production, the use of advanced coating technology to ensure the paper thickness and stiffness. 
4, Number One paper rigorously tested porosity, strength, opacity, and other aspects of environmental stability. 
5, no dirty --NO.1 paper using special coating surface, helps to control the ink spraying. 
6, no ink smudges --NO.1 interact with a variety of paper intact, able to produce a clear edge color, for superior print quality. 
7, NO.1 paper printer is compatible with a variety of brands. 
80g of high-end commercial office package with five Number One copy paper. 
NO.1 Red
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