kemii70gA4 Print Copy Paper

[Full name] Product: kemii70gA4 Print Copy Paper 
[Specification] Size: A4 (21cm * 29.7cm) 
[Grams] of paper: 70g paper high whiteness 
[Can be used for purposes]: fax, laser, both sides photocopying, printing, writing, etc. 
[Packing pattern]: white blue tones, simple simple 
Product packaging: 500 / pack, 8 pack / box 
Absolute concessions, absolutely cheap, you buy is a very cost-effective. Welcome new and old customers to order. 
Performance advantages: 
1 custom made high quality wood pulp, a unique formula, the whole pulp neutral sizing, can not afford paper powder, not yellow brittle. All wood pulp paper can be recycled 100% repeat, environmental protection and good. 
2 uses advanced paper surface treatment agent, inkjet printing and non-waterborne ahead of the market similar products. 
3 paper uniform, smooth glossy, suitable for normal or high-speed copying, inkjet printing, laser printing and printing, smooth operation, using specially designed and manufactured for office use copy paper, paper heavier than the same group feel thick, very high. 
4 neutral paper, does not produce acid gases white, soft colors, for a long time reading and writing does not hurt the eyes. 
5 each batch of product must undergo professional copier speed test, a small curl, jam rate is very low. 
6 neutral sizing, protecting cartridges, laser printers and photocopiers to extend the service life.
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