An A4 paper world: artists to show "visible magic."



An A4 paper, a bit of money, usually could not be more ordinary, but in the Danish artist Peter hands, skull, silhouette, construction from a picture of lifeless paper struggling to break free, but now jump. That a bland sheets of A4 paper also become so wonderful and vivid, as if filled with rich whole world. 
Back in 1997, Peter began to participate in various exhibitions and solo exhibitions were held in Denmark, Britain, South Korea, Germany and many other countries. He said: "The creation of a piece of ordinary paper into a three-dimensional three-dimensional works, it is very magical, you can simply call it 'visible magic' because the whole creative process can be witnessed.." 
Peter, these paper sculpture, seems to tell a story, the story of the process he only shows a fragment, which left us with a boundless imagination. For example, looking at his body that is trying to pull a man, we can not help but speculate that he could not succeed in the end. 
Paper sculpture of course also has its own shortcomings. Peter has held exhibitions at a British university, when he dressed up as a medieval king's appearance on campus with nearly 10 days of the time busy with the construction of a large-scale paper sculpture castle. Which expect, this puts a heavy rain. "Indestructible Castle" destroyed.


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