Little A4 paper to write "Great article"

 Little A4 paper to write "Great article" 
After the realization of computer office automation, A4 paper is that people most often come into contact with office supplies. Although the cost of an A4 paper insignificant, but there are "seen glimpse of Leopard" role. The reporter learned that some units in its efforts to thrift and combat waste, and from small A4 paper "Stingy", wrote the virtues of thrift "great article." 
"A short step, a thousand miles", with the Tibet People's Publishing House on A4 paper to describe the management of the use of the most appropriate. As I scale region's largest integrated publishing, Tibet People's Publishing House published annually about 500 kinds of books, each with an average of more than 200 pages. Submit clear from the initial publication of the final version of the kind to each book at least need to go through the "three trial" print proofreading. 
"In the 'three trial' session, publishers can choose single or double-sided printing, depending on the characteristics of the manuscript. If you are single-sided printing, manuscript reviewers after we finished print will not be lost, but with the other office printing A4 paper collected together and printed in the back at the next printing of the manuscript. "Tibet People's Publishing House published the original portion of the main said. 
When reporters, Guo Rong original is reviewing a book called "Tibet modern agricultural development and Countermeasures" manuscript. He printed on A4 paper, the manuscript became the book page format is adjusted, single-sided A4 page paper can hold the contents of two pages of the original manuscript, with the back of the print part count in the future, which each of the 500 books one reviewer took only A4 paper 125 for a quarter of the original manuscript pages total. 
"Previously expensive A4 paper, in order to cut costs, the editors trying to 'stingy' Although A4 paper prices fell a lot, our office expenses has also been improved, but this tradition has been inherited." Guo Rong said the original. For duplex have been A4 paper after printing, publishing houses do not just throw away, but collected and sold to waste recycling, recycling of waste classification. 
Prior to 2009, the autonomous region has also advocated Communications Authority sided printing on A4 paper material, but then just "personality." Since the country proposed the building environment-friendly society, the District Communications Authority led by the Office of the various departments to propose measures frugal, thrifty behavior will rigorously enforce inclusion quarter, year-end, such as evaluation, and duplex printing materials has become a "common." 
2012, District Communications Authority has adopted the overall scaling of the pages print, further saving supplies. "Before, we generally 21 lines per page, 28 characters per line specifications printed materials, doing only print per A4 paper less than 600 words, and type of print book pages to print at least 1,000 words per page." District Communications office Authority staff week Dave Hsia said. 
District Communications Authority Lu Jianwen, deputy director told reporters, saving office paper, although seemingly "trivial" like a small thing, but it is also part of the "Three consumption". More importantly, thrift is a habit, the habit is to facilitate the development of the communications industry and to better serve the community indispensable quality. 
"In terms of infrastructure, we implement for Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications base stations of the three communications provider sharing, since 2008 alone saves more than 500 million yuan in infrastructure funding. Moreover, with the development of e-commerce, government, we the region more than 200 counties and townships to achieve a teleconference network coverage, saving the cost of meeting the required traffic. said.
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