Two A4 paper bearing nearly 30 kg

Two A4 paper bearing nearly 30 kg  两张A4纸承重近30千克

With only a few simple paper tube, seemingly simple paper model actually can carry dozens of bottles of mineral water, and a three-day pile. Little friends are shocked spectators next! Chen Feishe (Reporter correspondent He Xiaomei intern Xu Yuan Feng Shen Yu was) two A4 white paper, a roll of tape, a ruler, a pencil, which is the production model bearing all the materials and tools used. Such a model can withstand much weight it? Eighth Changsha City from Changsha Institute of Science and Technology, Changsha City Bureau of Education sponsored "whimsy" paper loading model contest held yesterday, from the county of Changsha City, directly under the school's 254 students participating, while 30 bit outstanding scientists as referee. 
Kick-off time is up, contestants will eagerly earth nervous hands, model making of all kinds, bright cylindrical rod, there are three-legged frame, there is a polyhedral structure ...... 1 hour later, we continue turnaround , divided into 12 groups bearing test. First, a glass plate bearing test on the load-bearing model capped, then placed on the glass of mineral water. Limit of four minutes to load the number of bottles of mineral water placed before the model collapses prevail. 
Ningxiang funded schools from two students Hsieh Fu Chang, 3 minutes and 37 seconds to put 59 bottles of mineral water achieved the first place in the contest. Calculated in accordance with a bottle of water 500 grams, models bearing Xie Chang is 29.5 kg. . "My self-test record is 74 bottles, this may be a bit nervous, did not play well," Xie Chang said: "My model is composed of three perimeter 3.5㎝ combined into a cylinder circumference of the reason preferably 3.5. cm, is determined after several tests before have tried 3.3㎝, 3.5㎝, 3.7㎝, 3.8㎝, 4.0㎝ such as perimeter, bearing effect 3.5㎝ best. "in order to load better, thank Chang did a number of tests, such as the placement of the cylinder, the last measured put into an equilateral triangle best. "This allows the glass even by force." Xie Chang concluded, coincident center of gravity "of the center of the glass to keep another model, so you can make the model by comparing the force
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