Fuyang in 2014 to implement the bulk centralized purchasing

WASHINGTON Recently, Fuyang city government office issued "Fuyang municipal Interim Measures centralized bulk purchasing," clearly from January 1, 2014, directly under the State organs, institutions and organizations purchase copy paper, computers, etc. four categories of products, the implementation of centralized bulk purchasing. 
    Measures proposed for inclusion in "2013-2014 Annual Fuyang City municipal government centralized procurement catalog and limit the standard" in the computers, printers, air conditioners, copy paper, the first pilot implementation of centralized bulk purchasing, supply no longer continue to implement the agreement. Unlike the other three categories of products, methods of configuration standards did not carry out the provisions of copy paper. 
Regulations, bulk centralized purchasing every quarter. Procurement units in accordance with the beginning of the procurement budget arrangements, in the first month of each quarter before No. 10 submitted to the Municipal Finance Bureau of the unit-volume centralized procurement application report. Municipal Finance Bureau, as the bulk of centralized procurement bidding commissioned centralized trading center city procurement, centralized bidding trading center city each issue according to the basic configuration of the bulk centralized procurement standards and the number of plans, the use of open tender for procurement. 
In addition, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Authority bidding on bulk purchases supervise and inspect the implementation of the provisions of the procurement unit fails to circumvent the excessive bulk purchasing and centralized procurement and other acts, be held responsible in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. False promises of successful supplier, or do not follow the contract compliance and other acts, according to the agreed procurement documents and related contracts to pursue successful supplier responsibility, in serious cases, within three years to prohibit their participation in government procurement activities. (Cases Wo)
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