Post office waste exchange a 50 kg bag A4 copy paper

Centralized office paper recycling "change" the integral and gifts, one for the "easy paper operation" carried out by the enterprises and institutions in Shanghai yesterday started. Waigaoqiao import and export trading company, B & Q and other 10 enterprises of the first response, and issued "an office waste paper collected from each start, a little more recycling, more than a green" initiative. 
Reporters from the event organizers - Shanghai Waste Management Office was informed, enthusiastic cause of environmental protection enterprises, social organizations are eligible to apply to participate in "Easy paper operation", after examination to obtain a "green accounts." Weekdays, simply office waste paper and waste generated in newspapers, magazines and other classified collection of about 50 kg each time, you can call the activities of the professional services business phone recycling, there will be professional on-site within 48 hours of collection, Category packaged and transported to the pulp mill recycled. In the little things to do environmentally, but also can enjoy the "tax points to redeem" the fun - every time "turned over" 50 kg of office waste paper, you can get a big bag of the new A4 copy paper award; multi recovered 10 kg of office waste paper, "green accounts" in more than 1000 points on the points accumulated can be redeemed for environmental protection office supplies. 
According to reports, "Easy paper operation" is also the Communist Youth League Shanghai Municipal Committee, Municipal Authority initiated greening and amenity "for a greener Shanghai - a new concept to promote garbage classification action" one of the "trilogy." Previously, the community "special recycling day" action, school "garbage I action" campaign has covered the city's 10 urban centers and more than 240 primary and secondary schools. 
Responsible person admitted for professional recovery service companies, only up to a certain recovery of scale, in order to achieve sustainable development, and therefore calls for more enterprises to join the "easy paper alliance." In-depth internal promotion, the relevant departments will carry out future waste ink cartridges toner cartridges and other special hazardous waste recycling operations against workplace through this activity.
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