NCR stationery Qingdao Development Zone

Without the use of carbon paper wax coloring. Multi-page NCR when stacked together, you can print directly or pen to write out a multi-copy documents. Not only convenient, clean, can also be made perforation style blank computer printing paper, continuous printing for efficient replication. Qingdao Development Zone, Qingdao Development Zone NCR stationery stationery 
NCR reason can not replicate it waxed carbon paper, coated with chemicals because of the reason. 
NCR divided into pages, the pages and the next pages. In the next face of the sheet and the sheet is coated with a drug, and the next sheet of paper on the side of the sheet, coated with other chemicals. When in accordance with the page, the page (or can not until 6), the sequential composition of the next page, by the impact of the print tip of the needle or the pressure will encounter two different drugs which were excellent tracks, in order to achieve replication the purpose. 
CB on sheets of paper used to call only at its next surface coated with a drug known as CB CB surface; habit called CF under sheets of paper, only one side is coated with a drug on which CF and CF surface called; in sheets used to call CFB paper, painted on one side CF surface, next to CB topcoat surface. Qingdao Development Zone, Qingdao Development Zone NCR stationery stationery 
NCR Category: 
1, NCR divided into pages (cb), the pages (cfb), under the sheets (cf), single-function self-inductance of paper (sc) and dual function inductance paper (scb) five. 
2, NCR by chromogenic different sub blue print paper, printing paper or other dark color printed paper. 
3, NCR divided by color, red, yellow, blue, green, white five. 
4, NCR divided into one mass, two, three. 
5, NCR by lightfastness Common type and light type.
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