NCR Printing Prospects

NCR replace Billiton Blue replication, there he advanced side, first invented in the United States, in the seventies, and later introduced into China, and now in addition to our NCR most domestic self-sufficiency, but also exported to Europe and many other export developed countries, China is a big country producing carbon-free replication. 
Earlier Carbonless domestic producers is the Sinar Mas Group, and is now a listed company, and then there are the more abundant Paper, Zhejiang, Henan rivers Group, the latter two products a little later. In addition, most of the companies brand awareness is not high, and the quality in general, firm size is not large, but the large number of some enterprises, the overall production capacity greatly. Mainly concentrated in Henan and Shandong two places. 
Due to ease of use, use a large amount, then they belong to the new products, benefits, public enterprises have been started, and soon formed a great situation flourishing. This situation in the year 2005, the most obvious, manufacturers motivated, increased competition, resulting in diluted profits. 
It seems people outside the industry, NCR is amazing. In fact, its production process is not complicated, not high-tech equipment. Employment skills content is not high, high school culture through simple training to operate. It simply is painted the color of the paper and potions (microcapsules), the industry process called coating, color is easy to distinguish each of the Alliance, such as triple three colors, Prynne pink, the color is to rely on chemical medicine, adjacent paper stacked together, showing word written under pressure. Microcapsules patent holders in Henan Province, Henan thus emerged as the center of a large Carbonless paper companies. 
In the initial listing NCR, product quality, highly favored customers and praise. But with the increase in manufacturers, competitive pressures, some enterprises in order to survive, the introduction of a number of middle and low product, and this situation has become worse. NCR production costs, including the cost of paper, manual labor and other costs of production processes, as well as micro-capsules costs. Paper presented on the merits of the product appearance is the paper tension, smoothness, whiteness is different. NCR quality wood pulp content, Rally, smooth surface. Now the paper is particularly large difference in the market. The role of the performance of the microcapsules is more important, NCR's biggest role is to replicate the function, color clear, color-fast speed and so on. But the temptation of the microcapsules can be divided par, resulting in replication is unclear, appeared slow, or even the color or the color is very light and so on. 
In view of the above situation, NCR factory itself can not push a good grasp of the brand's stability, involuntarily, often a new listing soon and was shock, followed by a new brand of play, it is difficult to have a high-quality quality stable product brands based. Even on the domestic market is very well-known brand NCR also often not available in a licensed embarrassing state famous author for production needs, often called consultation, there is a certain brand of paper you, the answer is often yes, no inventory, need to book, just imagine the paper is transported from the field to the local factory, and then print delivery, for customers in terms of the time it was too late. The reason why there is no inventory because its sales of small and unstable flow of bad design product sales, can only be given some, sell some; revocation brand, not reluctantly, after all, is a well-known brand, there are some users to use, thus very tangled. The reasons for this situation, or due to market competition. NCR brand is a brand within the industry, insiders know the details of a certain brand of quality, delivery, price, etc., for the user is concerned, he is only concerned about product quality and price, as long as you have his satisfaction with the quality and the price of the product, he will accept it. This has led some manufacturers to have a chance NCR, violent public printing, they come up with a certain brand of products is modeled products, the introduction of a number of quality products close (note, just close, in fact, there are still differences, accurately speaking , should be called, followed by), and the price is lower than the product; so forth cycle for several years, showing the current market product structure. 
Well, now market the product in the end what a sight it? I have seen the most times in the paper, which is made ​​of newsprint, and its essence than newsprint but also times, full of straw, no tension, covered with black spots impurities; other levels progressively rise; course grade is above the brand of paper, but there is no stock of state license; author in NCR industry for many years, to experience, mainstream NCR should be the kind of high-grade between those products; market acceptance of these products as high, adequate supply, sales or smooth. But even mainstream products, we can not guarantee the stability of him will always be an alternative danger. The fact is the case, the new brand dazzling, endless. Above mentioned, many manufacturers, competitive pressure, the bottom threshold of production processes is the main reason. 
NCR in this situation so that the printing paper in the election is very troublesome, you finalize the paper quality today, customers are recognized, over a period of time he disappeared, you have to talk to your customers to explain, and then look for new products, again and again, exhausted. 
For my own sake, but also for the customer, nine United States Printing launched two brands of NCR, in order to ensure the stability of carbonless paper quality. The specific approach is to develop a standard nine beautiful paper quality printing grasp, reach a height of nine United States named Bentley, reaches a certain height, named nine beautiful Junan; thus completely solve the Quality Department NCR stable situation . 
These views are nine US printing individual can see, a lot of immature multi-please friends colleagues expert criticism.
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