Turn-sided A4 paper using frugality play out

Recently, "I am frugal family" in microblogging circles become a hot topic, we all have flaunted their thrifty ideas, drying out a variety of frugal coup. I also made ​​a small microblogging a related topic: "Your office paper is two-sided print?" A ripple, friends instantly triggered a lively discussion. 
Whatever work units, office paper has always been big. Even in the promotion of "green office", "paperless office" today, there is always inevitable daily work documents, faxes need to print a paper material. You can not underestimate this to humble ordinary A4 paper, and makes a lot of calculation also accounts. I had the 2013 annual unit where the paper office did a rough statistics: about the use of the 20 packages, a package 500, a total of 10,000, with a piece of paper 4 cents calculations, just a year department to spend 400 yuan. This is the case of two-sided printing mode using paper, if using single-sided printing, the cost would be doubled. 
Maybe some people did not understand, but for a few paper "preoccupied" worth it? Not that a few hundred dollars to do so "small accounts" in the end there is no need to count? "Calendar Overview worthies country and family, as the thrift failure by the extravagance," which is a summary of the history of insight from the rise and fall of countless family lessons, boat rise and fall of dynasties out of a profound warning, a thrift understand the country is impossible to prosper, a spendthrift society is difficult long-term stability. Yes it is, an A4 paper is a small account, a department a few hundred dollars is a small amount, but one unit has several sections, add up all the country's cities and how many units of departments? When all the small accounts are multiplied by millions, multiplied by hundreds of millions of numbers, small accounts and shake it becomes sufficient to affect economic and social development of our country "big loss." So thin a calculation, this bill is really stunned. 
Of course, "A4 paper Duplex" is not only financial savings, avoid waste, more important is to develop awareness of thrift, creating thrift. "Thrifty, Germany's total also; extravagance, big evil also." Thrift as a civilization, and should be widely heritage. The more social civilization and progress, the more we should advocate thrifty lifestyle. Currently, the whole country are actively practicing central "rigorously enforce thrift and combat waste," the spirit of thrift savings actions also raise the people around Des extensive. Everyone take practical action to carry forward the traditional virtues of thrift. 
Unit thrifty, everywhere. To strengthen the management of paper, stick-sided printing, wrong, useless waste or scrap cropped can be bound into scratchpad, notepad for secondary use. This style of work, should be vigorously promoted. Thrifty is not just an act, it is a spiritual force. Departments and units should set an example, consciously formed the habit of thrift, frugality and establish a new trend. 
Thrift, let us start from the details, start with whatever little things from each person, never waste a sheet of A4 paper to start
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