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As traditional industries in Shandong, production, sales revenue and other key indicators of the paper industry first in the country for 19 consecutive years. 
But in this industry, the paper focused on the more than 200 small and medium enterprises, the production capacity is small, but it is caused by environmental stress, heavy consumption of resources. To change this situation, the Shandong provincial government recently held a special meeting to determine the paper industry as the province's industrial transformation and upgrading of the first pilot industry. 
Early this year, the Shandong provincial government work report, directed Shandong traditional industry overcapacity, low-quality low-end products, paper bear the brunt. Shandong Province Environmental Protection Bureau Director Zhang Bo said, "with local environmental standards polluting industries Forced transfer mode, adjust the structure, is the key to move our single-handedly Shandong For an enterprise, should be prepared to carry out technological innovation and upgrading efforts achieve a win-win economic and environmental. "
Shandong governor: a mountain of paper, can be converted to high-end print and beautifully packaged 
July, the Commission by letter disclosed Shandong Province, Shandong province paper industry to upgrade embodiment provincial conferences have been studied, the paper industry has been identified as the province's industrial transformation and upgrading of the economy first pilot sectors. 
Paper Industry Association, Shandong Province, according to statistics, the province has more than 200 pulp and paper companies, paper and paperboard production of 17.8 million tons, accounting for 17.6% of national output. Although a large body mass, but Light Industry Association, said the provincial research paper industry still has many problems. 
Shandong Province Papermaking Industry Association Wangze Feng had said that Shandong paper shortage congenital conditions, lack of water, lack of trees, lack of raw materials. Moreover, the last 20 years the price of paper almost did not rise to the writing paper of about 5500 yuan / ton price example, now ex-factory price and 20 years ago, or not more than 10%. 
Hard to imagine, for the 19th consecutive year among the nation's Shandong paper, is developed in this context. 
Deputy director of the China Light Industry Information Center, the famous expert Guo new strategy paper, the current overcapacity in China's paper industry up to about 20%. Overcapacity will lead to vicious competition into a loss making enterprises. As of the end of September 2013, the domestic pulp and paper and paper products industry has a 1036 loss-making enterprises, accounting for 14.47% of the total statistical enterprise. 
This year, the Chinese paper industry there is a new situation for 30 years never had - yield zero growth. 
Faced with this situation, as the paper's largest province, Shandong overcapacity situation is also very serious. January 2014, the Governor of Shandong Province Guo Shuqing doing government work report and asked, "traditional industries follow market-oriented adjustments can release enormous potential. Requires us to discuss is sold at home and abroad of food, energy can not have more famous trademarks and independent brands; piles of paper, can be converted to high-end print and beautifully packaged ...... "
Pursuit of production: scale multiplication may eventually become a division 
According to Shandong Province to determine the program in 2017 in Shandong province paper production to reach 19.5 million tons in 2020 to reach 21 million tons. By 2020, the province's annual output of 500 million tons of paper companies reached two, one million to five million tons of enterprises reached five. 
For a large number of small and medium enterprises, Shandong Province to determine the classification guidance policies. 
Among them, for heavy pollution and high energy consumption of small businesses, through a combination of policy and market approach, accelerate the process eliminated. According to industry development policy, Shandong Province will phase out high consumption of resources, low efficiency pulp and paper production line, 2020 has been determined to eliminate backward production capacity of about 3 million tons. 
Environmental standards down forcing enterprises to accelerate the pace of upgrading transformation 
For example Liaocheng Quanlin Group has invested more than 10 billion yuan, no bleaching process developed clean pulping technology to solve the paper industry generally dependent fluorescent bleach traditional process, the cost per ton of paper reduces the 1500 yuan companies outside the drainage COD stabilized at 30mg or less, this stringent emission standards than many of Shandong standard even lower. 
Deputy General Manager of Shandong Quanlin  said, "we reached an annual production capacity of over 80 tons, a six-fold increase in production capacity, but the total amount of emissions into the original five percent." 
Sunshine Paper chairman Wang Dongxing also believes that "China's paper industry has been chasing the size of the" multiplication rule "including his boss every paper lying in bed, eyes closed, and my heart are contemplating - although tonne product margins are thin, but as long as the scale go up, overall revenue is ensured. available when excess capacity, price upside down after bosses suddenly found that market rules might become "subtraction", or even "division." 
So, Wang Dongxing also mentioned in public, after ten years of rapid growth, the paper industry has reached a point where change is not. 
For self-redemption, Shandong section of a papermaking enterprises have begun restructuring. Sunshine Paper began to extend to the downstream industry chain, fully involved in the paper, design, printing, packaging and other aspects, to promote the new changes the whole industry chain; strategic positioning and Sun Paper will be adjusted to the paper, raw materials and new materials, FMCG products and other three industries.
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