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50,000 yuan to buy a sheet of copy paper

50,000 yuan to buy a sheet of copy paper Evening News traveled to Europe to work, for the sake of momentary convenience, Liu spent fifty thousand dollars in online visa Trustee, the result is a copy paper. Recently, when Liu excitedly to th...

Shop daily ten thousand copy paper

Universities have held the final exam. Reporters learned that the last few days before Yangzhou, final exams, many students almost crazy to copy data, some students actually copying more than 100 sheets a material! Reporters yesterday durin...

Thin copy paper behind a "doorway"

Thin copy paper behind a doorway October 8 Xinhua News Agency reported the government to serve the people window photocopying services such as high fees after some chaos, triggering a strong reaction in the community. October 9, the reporte...

Waste paper recycling operation began inter

Waste paper recycling operation began interchangeable Copy Paper (Reporter Wang Dongliang) Yesterday was Earth Day, the city authorities to carry out a treat the earth - from the side of the little things as the theme of the large garbage c...
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